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Have a Moving Company that will pack and wrap your furniture for protection

Most moving companies are packers and movers. Many movers has its policy to put only packed furniture and boxes in its trucks which will ensure the furniture will be delivered in the same condition at the destination.

Many people decide to pack themselves to same money. Packing is not an easy task and you should be carefully doing that by yourself. There are several thing you need to do for a smoother move.

1. Make sure you have enough boxes. Most of the times people think they have a lot less boxes than they actually have to fill. Even if you haven’t bought enough boxes, most of the moving teams that will move your house should have some boxes on the location.

2. Put all heavy items and books in small boxes. This will save the movers time and will preserve the other moving boxes in the truck. Extremely heavy boxes usually tear and damage easily and could damage the surroundings during the trip in the moving van.

3. Pack and secure fragile items inside the boxes. Make sure you wrap your fragile items very carefully with bubble wrap or packing paper before putting in a box. Sometimes because of the vibrations you could have your precious delicate belongings broken at the delivery if not packed properly.

4. Label all boxes in advance. Careful labeling could be a guidance to the movers how to pack your moving boxes in the moving van. Arranging the moving truck should be done by professional movers only. Make sure you sign the fragile moving boxes and also sign the direction they have to stand during the trip. Mark the room you want the moving boxes placed in during the unload – this will save you a lot of time arranging after the movers and packers are done.

Looking for a professional packing and moving company is a 3 step process. First you need to contact several moving companies and ask for a free moving quote. Then you need to research every one of those companies to make sure they could handle your move. Finally, compare the moving price quotes and companies availabillity and choose your winner.