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How to choose the best mover for you.

What’s the worst thing that can happen to you on moving day? When you find out that your items are in the incapable hands of moving scammers who are asking you to cough up extra money to deliver them to your new home.

Scammers are known in various businesses and they are slowly but surely making inroads into the home moving industry as well. They too have realized that home moving is a lucrative business and they obviously want to cash in on loads of money without working too hard to get it.

Even as you begin your moving company selection process, it would be advisable that you take that extra time to do your background research to ensure that the company that you choose is the right one.  As the old adage goes: “prevention is better than cure”;  spending as much time as possible researching different moving companies would save you grief in the long run. Even as you do your research, always be alert of the tell-tale signs that let’s you know that you are dealing with a scam moving company.

One of the more popular tricks of the trade with scam moving companies is to restrict their clients to only having phone communication. In most cases the scam movers do not have physical offices; most do their work from their home or a remote area which makes it hard to track them down. If you think you are dealing with a scam mover, then insist that you visit his office to continue the transaction. If he refuses to do that, opting to meet up with you at the nearest coffee shop, then that is a clear indication that you should not be putting your business into this person’s hands.

Another known scamming tactic is to give an estimate price of your household items without seeing it. A mover is required to come to your home and evaluate the weight and size of your items. If the mover is reluctant to do so then you are dealing with a scammer. By not viewing your items beforehand, it makes it easy for the scam moving company to change the original quote to a much larger one in the end. In most cases, they would take charge of your property on the truck and make you pay the exorbitant amount before your items are released.

Also, be aware of those moving companies that require that you make a down payment before the moving job is done. Moving experts would tell you that legitimate movers would never ask you to pay money upfront before your move.  There are some scam movers that would try to get you to give them money in advance to perhaps secure their services for moving day. Bear in mind that they can take your money and never to be seen or heard from again.

Always choose movers that have a telephone number and physical address so you can pay a visit to their office. Even when you get to the office, look around for the business signs in front of the building and it would also be helpful to inquire about the moving company from business owners that are on the same street as well. 

Believe it or not, there are scam movers that go out of their way to fool consumers by renting office space for a few weeks before changing their location. Verification from other business owners about the length of time that the company has existed at the same property would give you partial indication if the business is legitimate or not. Always ask for a landline number to the office as the scam movers can be just about anywhere if their main line is a cell phone number.

When you visit a moving company, be sure to look around for certificates, licenses etc. It is in your best interest to ask your prospective mover to provide you with information such as his legal business name and even his business license for verification.

To round up your research on a moving company, you would find that the Internet is very resourceful in providing you with a lot of information and moving tips. You can search the Internet for companies such as the Better Business Bureau which often lists businesses that are licensed and legitimate. You can also do a word search for the company’s name to see if there has been any a complaint or warnings.